Top Of New York Pizza (T.O.N.Y) Inc. purpose is to develop and build restaurants (both limited-service and full-service) utilizing d/b/a(s) for the purpose of creating stand-alone establishments and franchises that will grow under the leadership, guidance and principles established by the corporation.  The corporation is determined to provide our customers with access to authentic New York style pizzerias and restaurants and in doing so to achieve and maintain such distinction for the food we serve, customer service, atmosphere and setting of our locations that the restaurants owned and operated by the corporation gain five-star reputations for the quality of our food, professionalism and accommodating hospitality of our employees, reliability of our service as well as the beautiful décor of our establishments promoting loyalty to the corporation's brands and cementing our brand's identity as well as draw new and repeat customers for years to come. We will achieve the above while maintaining the highest levels of discipline in regards to the selection of our produce, food preparation, employee training and the upkeep of our stores and equipment.  To maintain awareness of our responsibilities as positive and influential members of the communities our businesses operate in to: provide a safe, clean, attractive and warm environment for our guest to enjoy for both dine-in and take-out experience, as well as for our employees to work in and to undertake a meaningful involvement in the communities the corporation operates in by promoting the corporation's values, support and promote local charitable endeavors and cultivate long-lasting relationships with our consumers and the members of the communities we have locations in.

​The founders of Top Of New York Pizza Inc., Justin and Neko (Nick), are life long best friends, certified food fanatics and long-term members of the food service industry.  Top Of New York Pizza Inc. has been a dream of the two for some time spawned by their experiences while working in restaurants and as diners.  It wasn't until an awful experience while dining out that the two composed a list of their grievances and bad experiences as diners as well as employees.  As the list grew and grew they decided to quit their jobs and begin to turn the Top Of New York Pizza dream they had long talked about into a reality.      ​

Top Of New York Pizza Inc. believes in building, opening and maintaining the highest quality restaurants we can whether they are limited-service or full-service.  We will never sacrifice the quality of the food we serve, our customer service or the ambience of a location and believe that the implementation of our company's values are of the utmost importance in delivering a superb meal and experience for our customers.  Our customer's experience, safety and satisfaction are our priority.  All employees will be trained in proper food service hygiene and allergen awareness.  Top of New York Pizza Inc. will offer every amenity possible to our customer's in the effort of making their visit as memorable as possible.  Top Of New York Pizza Inc. believes that developing strong relationships with our customers and the members of the communities we operate in is vital to accomplishing the visions set forth by the founders.  Our goal is to maintain our position as an influential member in every community one of our stores is located in by being a visible and contributing member by taking partnering with charitable organizations, participating in local events, offering employment to the residents of our community to help stimulate the economy and building relationships with the school systems.

After long debates and heavily influenced by finding the perfect location for a limited-service restaurant, Justin and Neko decided to make Top Of New York Pizza Inc.'s flagship business and first location a pizzeria.  Naming it Neko's of New York, the two moved forward with a remodeling plan that would exemplify the spirit and atmosphere of the New York name.

Justin and Neko vowed to build restaurants that would be tastefully designed and offer a warm environment for the customers regardless if that restaurant is a pizzeria or an upscale fine-dining restaurant and to create robust and eclectic menus that offer meals for every customer's desires and dietary, religious or allergic needs.  Keeping in mind every grievance they had with atmosphere, service and quality of food allowed them to create restaurants for food lovers by food lovers.

About The Name

About The Company

​About The Founders

Justin and Neko look forward to building up the Neko's of New York brand at their flagship location before expanding and opening their next restaurant.  There will be plenty more to come from Justin and Neko.

Mission Statement

The name, Top Of New York Pizza (T.O.N.Y) Inc. represents both the high standards the founders set for themselves and their favorite food.  Both of the founders have strong ties to New York and love the way New York restaurants (both fine-dining and pizzerias) are designed and operated in terms of style, service, quality of food and the environment they provide for their customers.  The New York experience and environment is going to be a hallmark of all restaurants Top Of New York Pizza Inc. open.  The fact that both founders found their start in pizzerias made it both an important homage to their beginnings and as their favorite food, an important style of food they bring their vision to.  The term "Top Of New York Pizza" means to be the best of the best / at the top of the totem pole.

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