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Where Quality and Customer Service are not Mutually Exclusive

Top Of New York Pizza (T.O.N.Y) Inc.
​Corporate Offices In Framingham

A Massachusetts Corporation

​Established 2015​​

​​Welcome to Top Of New York Pizza (T.O.N.Y) Inc.

​Top Of New York Pizza (T.O.N.Y) Inc. is a Massachusetts corporation established in 2015 with our corporate office located in Framingham we build and create restaurants.  Top Of New York Pizza Inc. is a house of brands focused on the food service industry serving as the parent corporation for every full-service and limited-service restaurant franchise we develop and build which operate under d/b/a(s) as well providing consulting and advising services to others in the restaurant industry.

Our corporate headquarters is located in the town of Framingham in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Currently our focus remains on building our brands and helping to build the brands of those affiliated with our consulting and advising branch.

We specialize in New York inspired and New York style restaurants transposing the style, décor, ambience, service and quality of food one expects from the top tier New York restaurants into our own establishments in Massachusetts.  Walking into any Top Of New Your Pizza Inc. owned establishment will fell like you're walking into the classiest Manhattan restaurant or the best pizzeria in Brooklyn.  The food and service will match and exceed the expectations you have upon entering.  Carefully designed menus and stringent quality controls of our food purchases allows us to serve meals created with the finest ingredients available.  A rigorous employee training program and utilization of technology allows us to prioritize our customer's experience and service insuring that every experience at one of our locations is memorable and that our customer's will always know when they are dining at a Top Of New York Pizza Inc. restaurant.  Remember at Top Of New York Pizza Inc. "Quality and Customer Service are Not Mutually Exclusive".

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